EU resolutions: Stop violence: Free opposition politicians: Open talks …EU resolutions

Members of European Parliament [MEPs] have condemned the widespread violence which erupted in the run-up to the January elections and express concern at the paralysis of every-day life in Bangladesh.The EP passed three separate resolutions on Thursday, voicing concern at the situation of rights defenders and opposition activists in Cambodia, and demanding clarifications on the investigation into the Sombath Somphone case in Laos; calling for an immediate halt to the repression in Bangladesh; and condemning the threats, discrimination and restrictions faced by LGBTI people, according to press release showed in the EU website. About Bangladesh, the MEPs also said: “The opposition politicians, subject to arbitrary arrest, should be released, parties having a democratic reputation need to develop a culture of mutual respect, and parties which turn to terrorist acts should be banned.” The EU should use every means available to assist a process seeking “a compromise which would give the Bangladeshi people a chance to express their democratic choice in a representative way”, added MEPs.The Resolution on Bangladesh was forwarded by Charles Tannock and Pawel Robert Kowal expressing concerns over the polls related violence calling upon all stakeholders to open talks.

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