No part-time job in Malaysia while studying

Campus Report :The education system of Malaysia doesn’t permit any part time job opportunity for foreign students there. Though students from Bangladesh are being cheated with several consultancy firms as job opportunities are offered to them in addition to study in Malaysia. Some agencies are fraudulently taking millions of money by cheating with students. People are being sent illegally from Bangladesh under student visas in Malaysia. According to a report published in a Malaysian daily that Bangladesh is sending workers through student visas. The students come here and found themselves cheated by their agencies. The papers are fake that was shown to them in Bangladesh. There is no relationship between the agencies in Bangladesh and colleges there in Malaysia. Or they are admitted into the upstart colleges or institutes, who have no validity in Malaysia.The tuition fees in Malaysia must not less than 3.5 to 6 lakh without accommodation and fooding. No Malaysian company offers part time job for foreign students. However, the agents assure the students of earning minimum Tk. 50,000/= by working 5 to 6 hours a day in every month. The temptation is completely false. Here all the employees are permanent. Students are not assigned for jobs.The wards of the middle class families in Bangladesh are robbed. Some agencies are advertising freely in several national newspapers for a long time in Bangladesh lying about part time jobs in Malaysia. Students are handed over to the brokers there, which causes untold miseries to them. Bangladeshi teachers currently staying in Malaysia suggested being aware of such brokers. They informed, many students fall in danger to come here by the greedy clutches of brokers. Many of them are assigned to the residential hotel job. But the working hour is not less then 12 hours in such hotels. If the owners want, one has to work for more hours. So, study is not possible by doing such jobs. As a result, at the end of the year, the class attendance becomes zero and then visa renewal would become impossible.

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