Friday, April 3, 2015


Reza Sarwar :

         Mystery of self is absolute
         of which eternal secrecy
         of endless moments juxtaposed
         in the means of time
         beauteous and lovely.
         Who am I and where to go
         and where to stay
         that Reza Shah asks.
         When there's no living being,
         neither light nor dark,
         everything seems incorporeal,
         then a call comes from the unseen heaven,
         wake up, won't you get up, well -
         it's a significant call!
         It's the awakening of love,
         it's call of the  awakening from the divine.
         It's the education of the unseen (elme bil gaeb).
         I know its divine truth from first to last
         where my being exists.
         Since you are in me, when searching
         I find you nowhere.
        All five stars twinkle and others twinkle
        hide in itself as light breeds in dark.
        I close and open up my eyes and find me true
       and nothing else.
        That celestial light is yet to reach the earth
       That's not yet touched the creativity
        remains mystery.
        The sentence that starts with "I" is spirited
        boisterous in the coalesce of mystery.
        Love is mystery. Have I seen that in my shade?
        All that's infinite is yet to reach my wisdom;
        That's Adam's instinctive search for knowledge….
 Translated by M. Mizanur Rahman