Thursday, August 13, 2020

HC resumes regular functions `Crowd in corridor has to be managed`

Staff Reporter :
The Supreme Court has started its regular activities along with virtual system after long four and half months though coronavirus fear is not yet over.
Long lines of the lawyers were seen in the corridor of some courtrooms which were dealing with the bail petitions. The lawyers said that the long lines could be manageable with the police available in the court.
"Crowd of the corridor has to be managed properly by the administration. And the future of the new starting of the court activities will depend on proper managing system," said Barrister Shihab Uddin Khan, a Supreme Court lawyer.
Meanwhile, health guidelines were maintained poorly in conducting activities in various sections especially in affidavit section of the apex court.
But the scenarios were different in the maximum courtrooms where lawyers had been allowed to place their petitions maintaining physical distancing. Long lines were seen in front of the courtrooms as only few lawyers were permitted inside the courtrooms.
Masks were seen on the faces of every judge, lawyer, justice seeker and other concerned people of the Supreme Court who came to the court in Wednesday. Besides, the body temperature of everyone entering the Supreme Court
Bar Association (SCBA) building was being measured.
Judges and Lawyers were conducting cases in the courtrooms without their traditional dress. They didn't wear any black coat or any gown which are mandatory in normal times.   
Assistant Attorney General Syeda Sabina Ahmed Molly said, "Today it seems that I have returned to the place of life again. The busyness will increase again from today. We hope that we could spend the coming days safely."
Advocate Masud Rana who came to the court after a long gap said in a reaction, "We want the path of justice to never be blocked. We are happy that the Supreme Court has started regular activities on a limited scale. We are keen to work in compliance with health guidelines."
Chief Justice (CJ) Syed Mahmud Hossain on August 10 constituted 53 High Court (HC) benches for disposing of cases. Of them 35 HC benches are conducting cases through virtually and 18 benches are conducting cases maintaining regular process.
Earlier a decision had been taken in the full court meeting of the Supreme Court held on August 6 to run trial activities through both systems, virtually and regular process.
Regular activities of all courts across the country, including the Appellate and High Court Division, have been suspended since March 26 due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Later virtual version of the courts was introduced on May 11 this year to hear the urgent matters of the justice seekers.
But the lawyers across the country urged the Chief Justice to restart the regular activities of the courts instead of the virtual system as the litigants were deprived of justice and the lawyers were facing financial crisis.