Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The OC was not an ordinary OC

A Cox's Bazar court has remanded three police officers -- Teknaf police station's Officer-in-Charge (OC) Pradeep Kumar Das, Baharchhara police outpost's Inspector Liakat Ali and Sub-Inspector Nanda Dulal Rakkhit -- placing them on a seven-day remand over the killing of retired Bangladesh Army Major Sinha Mohammad Rashed Khan in a reported police firing  in Cox's Bazar on Thursday, August 6, 2020.

But this is not news -- what is interesting is the way it was handled. Neither of the three policemen were arrested -- rather all conveniently 'surrendered' to the court. The main accused in the murder case the OC was escorted by the police for surrender to the court.

This is in stark contrast to the way the police behave with others who face cases. The police become excessively active to arrest or put on crossfire to be killed those with dissenting political views. The political cases are fun for the police. The police get busy on how to arrest and humiliate those who dissent.

If the retired army officer was not  the victim of murder the OC would have claimed himself a hero for killing a drug dealer or any other false allegation that suited the police.

Even if the case is nothing serious but personal   defamation the police team with DB officers will waste no time to arrest an individual simply for holding dissenting political views.

 The country is a lawless country. In other countries defamation is a civil case and arrest by police does not arise. Here law is how it is applied.

 We know of instances in lower courts where the judges are so subservient they refuse bail although for civil cases the law is to allow those accused to get bail. After getting bail the bail can't be cancelled in violation of law.

 Another bad practice is after the arrest the police feel free to give all sorts of stories against individuals when they are in confinement. Some police officers boast of their education. We also know that we have many nice and educated persons in the police. The question is why cannot they behave like educated police in other civilised countries? They go about telling stories during investigation. They say such things when trial begins to prove the mostly ridiculous allegations.