Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Mother cries for justice: Cox's Bazar SP must be brought to book, says RAOWA chairman

News Desk :
Nasima Akhter, the mother of slain retired army major Sinha Md Rashed Khan, says she is satisfied with the ongoing investigation but expects such murder to never happen again, reports bdnews24.com.
Her son always followed the motto 'be positive' and she is trying to do the same, Nasima told journalists after meeting the leaders of the Retired Armed Forces Officer's Welfare Association on Monday.
"My heart aches, but I know that we'll be able to bring a great change ti this country. We need the change for tomorrow's children. I hope you all will bring about the change," she said.
Nasima thanked Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and chiefs of all forces.
She urged all mothers to remain vigilant and hoped that such "gunfight" never happens again.
"My son always felt close to everyone, including the common people," Sinha's mother said as her voice choked.
Sinha never used his position to get his tasks done but used to be nice to everyone, she said.
When Nasima asked her son why he had finished all those courses in the army if he was to quit by the time his promotion was due, Sinha always said that he wanted to work for the people.
"I always knew that all he believed in was good work."
He always thought for the future generations, Nasima said about her son. "We should leave 'good thoughts' in this world," she said quoting her son.
Nasima said she never stopped Sinha from doing any of his work.Sinha never gave any detail about the documentary he was filming but said he wanted to give a surprise.
He said he was doing it for his own satisfaction and also to ensure his work helps others. He never worked for money, said Sinha's mother.
Sinha always helped her in small household chores, Nasima said.
"One thing I was scared about was that he was a rash driver," she said.
"On that night a man called me and asked how Sinha was related to me. I told him that Sinha was my son. Then he asked me what was his occupation and I said he did some small work; I meant making documentaries."
Nasima said she was a little "rude" to the man for calling her so late; later the caller said he was the OC of Teknaf Police Station.
"I thought since my son always drove fast, something must have happened to him. I asked the OC to pass the phone to my son as he hadn't picked my phone for long. He hung up saying Sinha was not next to him."
After that, Nasima called her son repeatedly but he never picked up.
"I was very worried and desperately searched for someone who could tell me about Sinha. I didn't have contact details of his co-workers."
Nasima called Major Mohsin and told him that the OC from Teknaf Police Station had called her. Major Mohsin said they have their course-mates there and they will look into the matter.
Next day Uttara West police visited her house at 11am. They spoke to Nasima Akhter and asked why Sinha quit his job and if he was involved in politics.
"I told them the truth that he was never involved in politics."
Sinha was loved by many, and that is evident after his death, said Sharmin Shahria, Sinha's sister.
"We urge the authorities to speed up the investigation and ensure justice for him. There should be an exemplary action that proves that we have rule of law in our country."
"Morning shows the day. So far we have seen the government and local administration actively working on the issue. We found Sinha's mother is happy about it. We, the retired army officers, are happy too," said Khandaker Nurul Afser, the chairman of Retired Armed Forces Officers' Welfare Association.
But he insisted that the trial must not be a lengthy one, since "it is already proved that it was a cold-blooded murder".
The Cox's Bazar superintendent of police should be withdrawn, the chairman demanded adding that the weapons of all those police officers involved in the incident should be confiscated for the sake of the investigation.
Nurul Afser also hoped that the authorities would investigate the incident impartially.
Sinha was shot dead by police at Baharchhra check-post on Cox's Bazar-Teknaf Marine Drive on Jul 31.