Monday, July 6, 2020

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More Test for
Covid-19 A Must

After more than two months of general holidays across the country, a zone-based lockdown is now underway in the interest of saving public life and the economy. However, the spread of the epidemic COVID-19 infection is not decreasing.
The death toll is not declining. Deaths have already passed thousands with symptoms without examination. Although public awareness has been blamed, one of the reasons is the slow pace of corona sample testing. Samples are being tested in only 66 labs across the country. Many people are not able to get tested even if they need to. Again, it is taking longer to get the report due to the lab and manpower crisis. Many samples are being submitted.
On the other hand, private hospitals or clinics are charging extra fees set by the government. So many people are not interested in the sample test even though they have symptoms. As a result, the real picture of the infection is not clear. In addition, the spread of the infection is taking place in the unconsciousness of the infected person.
It is certain that lockdown is not able to give much benefit in reducing the rate of COVID-19 infection if the test rate cannot be increased. Moreover, as a result of the lockdown, the suffering of the unemployed and poor people of the society has reached its peak. The wheel of the economy has slowed down. Therefore, the government needs to take immediate steps to increase the number of sample tests as well as ensure strict adherence to hygiene in controlling the transmission of this invisible virus. And private hospitals need effective supervision to curb the test trade.

Abu Faruk
Sadar, Bandarban.