Sunday, July 5, 2020

Julie Sharmelee: A versatile singer

Entertainment Report :
Julie Sharmelee is a versatile singer who is known to all for her contribution and works on play-back, modern, Ghazal, Narzul and Tagore songs. She got first inspiration in music from her mother noted journalist late Sameena Sidddique.
She found a congenial atmosphere at home that nurtured her love for singing. She started her musical life when she was 5 years old. She went to BTV’s Esho Gaan Shikhi programme, which was organised by well-known famous singer Ferdausi Rahman.
Julie received basic on classical music from famous classical maestro Ustad Niaz Mohammed Chowdhury. She also learnt from Madhumohon Das, Anil Kumar Saha, Sanjeeb Dey and Azad Rahman. Later on, her mother brought her to Chhayanaut for honing her skills. In Chhayanaut, she found Sanjida Khatun, Waheedul Haq, Laisa Ahmed Lisa, Aditi Mohsin, among others. At one stage, she also learned Nazrul songs from Ferdous Ara, Sumon Chowdhury and Sujit Mustafa.
Julie Sharmelee’s whole career was centered to Nazrul songs. She is optimistic about everything related to Nazrul. Besides, she can also render songs of various languages like Arabic, Spanish, English, Urdu, Hindi and Nepalese.  She is an enlisted artiste of Bangladesh Betar and Television. She had experience to work with many well-known musicians like Lucky Akhand, Debendra Chatarjee, Sheikh Sadi Khan, Jalal Ahmed. Recently, her solo Ghazal album has been released. She is performing almost all TV channels in the country. July 4 was her birthday. On the occasion of her birthday, Nazrul Sangeet Shilpi Parishad organised her live musical show on Ekushey Television, she also said.