Saturday, July 4, 2020

Prices of spice drop

Staff Reporter :
Every year before ahead of Eid-ul-Azha, the second largest religious festival of the Muslim community, the price of spices shoots up in Bangladesh as common scenario but it is different this year.
The spices traders said, this year the price of spices appear less than previous years.
Importer and wholesale traders said, the demand for spices has decreased due to coronavirus pandemic. The prices of the spices are steadily decreasing in international market also. As a result before Eid the rate of these spices won't be costlier.
Abdul Motin, owner of the Kawran Bazar based spices importer Arite Store

said, we imported a good quantity of spices but could not sale. The people are not buying spices.
He said, in wholesale market a highest quality of cardamom is selling around Tk 4000 per kg, where there is a differences in rate for quality.     
'Cardamom, which was Tk 5,000 per kg three or four months ago, has now come down to Tk 4,000 per kg. "
Abu Taher,a retail trader of Taher store at Rampura said, it is true that the price of spices hasn't increased but except one or two items others haven't decreased.
He said, except few customers almost all buyers buy very few quantity to avoid excess expenditure.
Beside, Cinnamon is selling at Tk 360 and in retail Tk 400 to 450 while Cumin in wholesale Tk 280 to 300 and in retail Tk 350 to 400.
Clove is selling at Tk 700 to 720 in wholesale market and Tk 1000 in retail. Black pepper is selling Tk 1200 and in retail Tk 1500.
Khurshed Alam, the owner of Marzia store at Malibagh area said, the price of spices hasn't gone up. People are suffering from hard cash crisis for pandemic which is the impact of Covid-19. Cumin was sold Tk for 650 to 800 last year and it is around Tk 400 per kg.
A resident from Shantinagor named Ariful Islam said, not only spices, all kind s of vegetables are selling with high price.
Meanwhile, the price of onion, ginger and garlic has gone down  according to the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB).  
TCB's claims the onion is selling at Tk 35 to 40 per kg, against  Tk 45 to  Tk 50 per kg.
Garlic sells at 80 to 110 per kg, but it is selling Tk 100 to 120 per kg.
Imported Chines Ginger sells at Tk 140 to 160 in TCB's list but it is selling at Tk 150 to 170 per kg.
Anower Hossain, a grocery shop owner said, ginger and garlic price has fallen by  Tk 10 per kg .