Saturday, July 4, 2020

BJMC urged to provide workers’ account numbers immediately

Textiles and Jute Minister Golam Dastagir Gazi today said the workers of 25 closed state-run jute mills will receive their wages for the month of June through their personal bank accounts by next week.
He gave this assurance at an urgent press briefing arranged from his residence at Siddheshwari in the capital.
"Workers will also be paid the wages of 60 days--July and August," he said. Fifty percent of all arrears under provident fund (PF), gratuity and golden handshake facilities will directly go to workers' bank accounts while another 50 percent through savings certificates, the minister said.
He also said all the arrears will be paid under the National Wage Structure, 2015.
The minister said workers will get priority when the mills will resume operation under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP).
He urged the Bangladesh Jute Mill Corporation (BJMC) to provide the bank account numbers of the workers as soon as possible for the payment of their dues.
The government has decided to shut down production in 25 state-run jute mills under BJMC by providing cent percent dues of some 25,000 workers of the mills.
Cent percent dues of workers of the jute mills would be given at the quickest possible time and it would require Tk 5,000 crore, said PM's Principal Secretary Dr Ahmad Kaikaus on Thursday.
He also informed that the 25 mills will be reopened refurbishing those with modern technologies under different types of ventures -- PPP, G2G, joint venture or lease model.