Friday, July 3, 2020

Readers’ Forum

Respect To Frontline Fighters

I, as an ordinary citizen, feel immensely proud of all the workers on the frontline serving our nation diligently ever since the pandemic broke out. Healthcare providers, law enforcement officers, journalists and many other professionals, continue to do what they are supposed to. They continue to work to help keep the country running during such difficult times. Had they not done so willingly, things would have fallen apart. Many of them have families, yet they have risked it all knowing that they are up against a deadly virus.  
It should be noted that many have lost their lives while performing their duties on the frontline. And I believe they are nothing short of heroes. It is for their collective efforts that we are able to maintain balance in our society. I am thankful to them for what they are doing and I pray for their wellbeing and prosperity.

Shamim Iqbal

Safety First

The government has decided to discontinue the nationwide general holidays keeping the livelihoods of the people in mind. Starting from June 1, everything will slowly start to operate like before, or so we hope. But I cannot help think that even with the restrictions in place, the carelessness of people far surpassed our expectations, then how will they behave once the lockdown has been discontinued?   
Therefore, ensuring that everybody abides by the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health while travelling to work is of utmost importance. Once at work, everyone should strictly maintain social distancing and proper hygiene. Without supervision, I think the consequences may turn out to be disastrous. I know it is not possible for the government alone to control the pandemic and we as a people must thus step forward and be responsible ourselves. I hope this step to restart our economy proves successful given we all proceed in a progressive and planned manner.

Nazia Amin