Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Arab silence is a shame as Israel advances plan of annexation in West Bank

ISRAEL'S plan to annex the occupied West Bank and Jordan valley is illegal, said UN's human rights chief Michelle Bachelet adding her voice to the chorus of world leaders cautioning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to drop the proposal. It will be dangerous and highly consequential to world peace they said and advised the Israeli leaders to listen to its own people who are opposed to such move.
It appears the move is part of a bigger US peace plan for the region advanced by Trump who abhors open hatred to Palestinian cause to destroy its statehood and hatred to all Muslims. What makes us wonder is why the Arab countries are keeping mum and privately supportive to such move at a time when the US-Israel plan is poised to take away big swath of Arab land without any challenge or call for resistance.
It appears wealthy Arab royalties are afraid of losing their unpopular seat of power as they look at their people as enemies in most cases. They have opted to be with the USA and Israel lobbies to keep them safe in power and may have therefore decided to abandon the Palestinian cause. It is sad that they are fighting costly divisive wars in Yemen, Libya and Syria and trying to destroy Iran while they could better fight back US-Israeli aggression collectively to protect Arab land and its dignity. Muslim nations from all over the world always played the proactive role to save Palestine but Arabs silence prove highly intriguing.       
It appears US President Donald Trump is playing the role the leader of Israel by advancing the annexation plan like earlier shifting of US embassy to East Jerusalem in the first place. The US administration then declared illegal settlement in occupied West Bank is not illegal. This illegal occupation is going to take new shape by annexation of West Bank and Jordan valley this time.  
We wonder what the UN is doing, why the international community is watching such criminal development risking international security. Similar uprooting of Rohingyas happened from Myanmar when the Security Council, tasked with protecting world peace, failed to take united move. We call upon the Arab people and the Muslim nations all over the world to unite and fight back the Zionist aggression on Palestine.