Saturday, May 23, 2020

People leaving Dhaka amid shutdown

Staff Reporter :
People started leaving the capital city for their village homes on Friday for their Eid-ul-Fitr holidays amid the nationwide shutdown enforced to curb the transmission of Covid-19.
Though movements of public transports are restricted, people returning home keep changing vehicles one after another such as rickshaws, pickups, and rickshaw-vans. A huge number of people were seen on the Dhaka-Aricha Highway and the Pathuria   
 Ferry Ghat, reports our correspondent from the spot.
Akkas Ali, an employee of a shop in Dhaka, is one of many who are returning home.
 "I am going to my village home in Rajbari to share the joy of Eid with my family members.  I reached Manikganj by rickshaw to van and different vehicles. That's how I plan on going back home," he said.
Jamal Uddin, a private sector job holder, is heading towards his village home in Magura with his family.
"There is no way to stay in Dhaka. The company has stopped providing remuneration since the shutdown was announced and we did not get any Eid bonus," he said, adding that he was leaving Dhaka as he was unable to maintain the living cost here.
Tania Sultana, Additional Superintendent of Police (Shibaloy Circle) said the line of vehicles reached six kilometers long at Pathuria Ferry Ghat as the ferry service remained off for the last two days.
"We let some vehicles cross the ferry as they carried emergency goods. Moreover, we also allowed general people, as movement of private vehicles were relaxed," she said.
Several check-posts were installed on different parts of the highway so that public buses cannot ply the roads, she added.
Ferry service remained closed for the last two days due to the super cyclone Amphan and the service was resumed last night.