Thursday, April 30, 2020

Mahfuja Momo’s new video song is mashup of hilly song

Entertainment Report :
Mahfuja Momo is a viewers’ choice singer of present generation. Recently a new video song of the singer titled Kalo Joley Kuchla Toley, which is a mashup of a hilly song, was released on YouTube channel of the singer Momo.
After releasing the video song, singer Momo is getting positive response from the viewers for her rendering style and presentation of a hilly girl in the song. Noman Sajib has arranged the song while Mohon Islam has made music video of the song.   
While talking about the song singer Momo said, “My new song has been released recently. I request all to listen the song. I strongly believe listeners will enjoy my rendering style and presentation in the video song.”
Last year in April, Momo rendered a song titled Swapno was released under the banner of Sangeeta. Shahriad Belal was her co-singer in the song. Basically Mahfuja Momo came into limelight to render a song titled Bakir Fosol in 2017. The song was released on YouTube channel of CMV. Momo is engaged with stage shows in and outside the country. Due to outbreak of coronavirus she is locked down now. “Everybody stay at home to save our lives. There is nothing special to survive individually. I believe Inshallah we will get together again and will see a new world soon,” Momo also said.