Sunday, April 26, 2020

I was embarrassed for the news: Shabnur

Entertainment Report :
A news has circulated on social media that the food store in Shabnur's house in Australia has run out and she is currently in food crisis due to lockdown in Australia. As a result, she became embarrassed after such false news was published in the media.
"People are doing whatever they want on YouTube, and even made news on the media," Shabnur said, responding about the matter from Australia. "I was embarrassed."
"They should have contacted me before making such news. Those who made this news should have understood what I was doing. The information must be needed to be verified," she said.
"I am currently in Australia with my mother, younger sister, and son," said Shabnur. "We are also in a kind of lockdown. Everyone is spending the day chatting together. A few days ago, the whole family visited the apple orchard near the house."
Addressing the audience, the popular film actress said, "Everyone should follow the government rules in case of coronavirus." Maintain social distance as well as do not leave the house without urgent need. Keep yourself safe, keep others safe."