Thursday, March 26, 2020

Asif’s Asbe Bijoy on Coronavirus on his birthday

Entertainment Report :
The whole world including Bangladesh is fighting with Coronavirus attack. To create awareness among the people of Bangladesh, lyricist Jamal Hossain wrote an awareness creating song titled Asbe Bijoy. Popular singer Asif Akbar lent his vocal for the song which tune was composed by Muhin.
According to lyricist Jamal, it is a mass awareness creating song. “We will overcome the situation. Inshallah we will remove it.”
Singer Asif said, “Day by day Coronavirus situation is being deteriorating elsewhere in the country. Don’t be panicked. Try to follow instructions to avoid Coronavirus infection. Do not follow any rumour. Try to avoid public gathering. Every doctor should come forward in this situation. It is an inspirational song for the people. Lyrics and tunes are really inspiring for all.”
Meanwhile, yesterday was birthday of Asif Akbar. Asif said that as the country is affected with Coronavirus so, there was no special arrangement to celebrate the day. Muhin, Hoimonty and Rajib also lent their vocals with Asif in the song.