Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Police assume that nothing happens if they commit any crime

Staff Reporter :
The High Court on Monday ordered the concerned bodies of the government to take action against five persons, including 3 APBN members and one SI of police, in an incident over detaining of two bankers illegally and demanding money from them and warning to take action for not paying.
The respondents are asked to submit a progress report over the incident in the court within 15 days.
The High Court bench of Justice FRM Nazmul Ahasan and Justice KM Kamrul Kader passed the order after hearing a writ petition filed by the victims. During the hearing, the court observed, "Due to the immoral activities of a small number of policemen, the dignity of the entire force is deteriorating. Nothing happens if the policemen commit corruption. They are making thousands of crores of taka by illegal means." "Police have assumed that nothing happens if they commit any corruption," also observed the court.
The victims said that three members of APBN (Armed Police Battalion) signaled to stop their rickshaw while returning home after finishing a dinner in a restaurant at night on June 26 this year in the city. Later the APBN members demanded Tk 20,000 from them. The Bankers paid them Tk 6,000 under pressure, but the APBN members were demanding the rest of the money in default they had been warned for action.
The two bankers made a complaint to the IGP for remedy, but the police chief paid no heed thereto. Then the victims filed the writ petition with the High Court.