Tuesday, November 19, 2019

4 grocery shop owners fined for selling onion at high price

 Chandpur  Correspondent  :

A mobile court in Shahrasti Upazila fined four  grocery shop owners at Thakur Bazar and Kalibari Bazar  for allegedly selling onion at high price(Tk 180.00 or 200/00 per kg)  with a motive of getting  heavy profit causing difficulties to general people on Thursday afternoon .  
The Mobile Court led by UNO and Executive Magistrate Shirin Akter  fined four grocery shops at Thakur Bazar and Kalibari Bazar and realised from the  owners an amount of  Tk 14 thousand on charge of violating Consumers Rights Act.
 Talking to the press men, the UNO said, this type of Mobile Court would continue to keep  the  price of onion stable in the markets.