Saturday, November 16, 2019

Simon Taufel urges cricket administrators to support umpires

Retired Australian umpire Simon Taufel on Thursday urged cricket administrators across the globe to lend support to umpires, just like the players, by having people in administration as well as logistics, who can solely look after umpiring. Taufel, who has penned a book 'Finding the Gaps' was interacting with a group of local umpires here, whom he gave tips on umpiring.
"Sourav Ganguly, when he became the (BCCI) president, he was talking about how important it is to have a strong domestic system. And there are umpires, who are part of domestic system.
" I encourage every country, not just India, to have an umpire's manager, to have an umpire's coach, to have an umpire's trainer, to have people in administration and logistics to solely look after umpiring and refereeing," Taufel said.