Thursday, November 14, 2019

Kabir Tutul in film after two decades of his career

Entertainment Report :
Dhaka Padatik’s Kabir Tutul has been working in theatre plays for last two decades with dedication. Since 1999 he has been attached with this theatre group. On stage, his acted first play was Debashish Ghosh’s Gadha Bazar. Later he won the hearts of many theatre audiences by virtue of his acting under many directors' direction including late SM Solaiman.
In 2003, he first acted on BTV paired up with Jakia Bari Mamo in a play titled Moishal Bondhu. Then he acted in many TV plays under Salauddin Lavlu, Kaisar Ahmed, F Zaman Taposh, Taju Kamrul, Aniruddho Russell, among others' direction. In his two decades of acting career, for the first time Kabir Tutul worked in a movie titled Encounter, directed by Aniruddho Russell who has also written its story. Tutul played the role of a police officer in the movie.
While talking about acting in the film Tutul said, “After a long time waiting, I got a chance to work in a good film. I give thanks its director to give me the opportunity to work in the movie. I really enjoyed to act in this film, which will be released next year.”
Hailed from Pangsha of Rajbari, Tutul is a father of Mitul and Ratul. Mitu Kabir is his wife. He completed honours and masters from Kushtia Government College.