Friday, November 8, 2019

Songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam Thou Nightingale of Madina

O thou Nightingale of Madina ! What's this ghazal of thine
 that has made the crimson buds blossom in the barren desert !
In regions far and wide, the song-birds sing on rise as the
Muazzin’s call for Prayer rings in the morning sky
Thou hast built, even in the arid deserts, bowers of bliss where
the Companions come and sing, like enchanted bees, the
songs of Shahadat.

And where the doves and cuckoos swarm and chant the
names of Allah and the Prophet Divine!
In the lap of Al Quran's page flows the flood of Allah's name!
Who are you visiting
Makka and Madina

Who are you visiting Makka’s  Ka’ba and Madina’s Shrine?
Take my Salam and deliver it at my Prophet’s Mausoleum!
On the Pilgrims’ path, since the break of morn, I am standing
and crying : “Will somebody carry my Salam?

The cripple that I am, how could I cross the Arabian Sea?
So I lie on the Ka’ba’s path day and night and cry.

I say, O wave of the sea! None my Salam to carry,
Take it thou and give it to the desert wind on its wings to the
Ka’ba’s gate to carry!

Rings the trumpet

Rings the trumpet! Bind your turban tight. O Musalman!
The new age calls you, and on the broken fort flies the new ensign!
With the Kalima on lips, the sword in hand and the fervour
of indomitable Islam in your heart.

Proceed on there where the trumpet rings! No fear for you
in the least with the holy Quran round your neck as the
Talisman true of life!
In sleep we lost the time for Fajar Prayer,
We did not rise even when the time for Zuhor arrived.
In sport and play we have wasted Asar as well!
 Now we hear the Azan for the Maghrib Prayer!
Join the ‘Isha Congregation at least: there’s still room for you!            -Translation:  Mizanur Rahman (Late)