Sunday, September 29, 2019

Batighar : Center for learning and development

Campus Desk :
A group of 12 students of Sylhet from various universities and other institutions started a journey on November, 2011 to facilitate underprivileged students for their development through arranging educational resources. Facing different challenges, they have established a Movement called Batighar which has been growing for more than 8 years and the Iconic youth organization continues different development initiatives since their commencement.
One of the most successful initiatives of Batighar Movement is Batighar Pathshala which has started its journey in April, 2019.  Batighar Pathshala is a free schooling program for underprivileged kids of nearby areas in Bishwanath, Sylhet. To ensure quality education for all Batighar is teaching NCTB curriculum of grade three, four and five kids. Seeing growing interest among local kids, Batighar is also arranging training program to develop life skills among the kids with a view to increasing their capacity of learning to face as well manage various types of challenges in everyday life.
Batighar Pathagar (Library) with more than 4000 books has become one of the largest libraries in Sylhet in terms of its Book collection and more than 500 students, teachers and general people are reading books, newspapers or journals staying there and they can also take book home for further study. While writing this report, Md. Mas-Ud Hasan and Kawsar ahmad, Co-founders of Batighar, has added that they have set a children Corner at Batighar Pathagar on May this year. It is increasing interest among the kids as children corner has some unique facilities like kid's age specific books, entertainment videos, extracurricular activities like drawing, singing and playing for learning. The young learners are becoming stronger on comprehension and day by day they are growing as reader from their young age using resoureces of Children Corner.
Md. Maruf Husain, Another Co-Founder of Batighar says- Batighar is planning and executing many other initiatives of educational and social development like regular career counseling for secondary and higher secondary students of rural Sylhet to guide them choosing best career option after HSC and preparing them to achieve their known and unknown choices, giving scholarship to promising students, celebrating national days with various competition to boost nationalism on young people, donating and testing blood for free etc.
Batighar is operating all of these activities from its office of Rajaganj Bazar from Bishwanath, Sylhet. Recently Batighar is having 30 members and 23 alumnus. Moreover, Batighar has become signatory name of hope, inspiration and point of learning with high expectation and the challenges are to be faced by it for further expansion of this enlightened movement.