Friday, September 20, 2019

Golden Iron Works Ltd imports MT Atban for breaking

Chattogram Bureau :
Mohammad Sarwar Alam,Director  Golden Iron Works Limited said  that 'MT Eightban' was the  first name of the ship 'MT Atban'. It has a length of 340 meters, width of 56th meters, height of 11.5 meters. The vessel had an oil transport capacity of 3 Lac 20thousand tons. Currently the prices of scrap ships in the international market are stable. Four days ago, the ship arrived at Chittagong port outer an courage.
After the inspection of all the Government Offices including Bangladesh Navy, Explosive Department, Department of Environment, Custom House Authority, payment of exemption and VAT-tax, the ship was beached. Work will be done to open the body for the next eight months. The raw materials of the steel industry, including iron scrap of various thicknesses, iron and plastic pipes, furniture, cables or electric cables, ship engines, generators, ladders, linen, sanitary items, will be found in the ship.
In response to a question, he said, that  we deposited the government revenue Tk. 19 crore for importing the ship.
The young entrepreneur said that there was a negative publicity on the ship-breaking industry in Sitakunda at home and abroad. With the addition of modern equipment including magnetic cranes, advanced training under the supervision of experts, various initiatives including the use of security equipment, the image of this industry is shining.
Already the PHP shipyard has been converted to a green yard. Hopefully we get the green yardage in a year and a half. We are working towards this.
He said that since 2002, about 3,500 ships have been cut in our yard. At one time, many laborers worked. Due to the use of modern machinery, the number of workers is decreasing. Currently more than four hundred workers are working in our yard he added.