Friday, September 20, 2019

17-km gas line reach Bangabandhu Shilpanagar

Chattogram Bureau :
The newly -proposed Bangabandhu Shilpanagar comprising 30,000 acres of land built up within the areas of Mirsarai, Sitakunda and Sonagazi.
In the meantime , the installation works of 17 kilometers long gas pipeline have been completed by Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Company Ltd.
On primary stage KGDCL installed 200m cft  CGS and 50 m cft's two DRS. Out of total gas supply in preliminary stage, 40m cft gas will be used in power generations and the remaining gas to be supplied to factories. Follwing the more demands of gas due to increase of factories, the total demand of gas will stand at 700m cft gas.
KGDCL sources said ,  the pipe line installed from Bara Darogahat to  Mirsazari Economic Zone  of distance about 17 kms  at a cost of Tk 290 cr . With the present existing pipe line, 200m  cft gas may be supplied to MEZ. Mentionable that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina formally inaugurated MEZ on 28 February, 2016 and in the meantime the land acquitisioned process  has already been completed and the ground development works started from June, 2017.
According  Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority sources said 69 industrial groups  procured lands in MEZ  with investment offer of Tk 1,239 cr US dollar.