Thursday, September 19, 2019

Criminals using motorcycle with press stickers in Benapole, Jashore town

Benapole  Correspondent :
Criminals are using motorcycle with press  stickers in Benapole and Jashore town .
The motor mechanics, drug peddlers, passport brokers, humane traffickers, identified as a journalists are involved in various crimes. People and traffic police are getting confused by the press stickers on the motorcycle.
The criminal motorbikes is taking extortion from the various Govt office, public hospital and general people with using press sticker on motorcycles as a journalist. The drug dealers, terrorists gang using  press stickers on the motorbikes open secret. They are continuing the motorcycle with press stickers infront of the police station . President of Jashore Journalist Union Sajed Rahman said , the motorcycle was spread by placing fake press stickers on the town of Benapole and Jashore.   Most of them are not members of the genuine Press Club or any union. The matter should be given to the police. Jahidul Kabir,  Joint Secretary of Press Club Jashore , said the traffic police could launch a raid if needed to identify the motorcycle fitted with fake press stickers.

Jashore  Traffic Police Inspector Md. Sakhawat Hossain said ,  we have continued the raid on a motorcycle fitted with fake press stickers. Police are working to identify them.