Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sylhet mass graves remain uncared for !

Sylhet Bureau :
The graves of innumerous martyred who sacrificed their lives during Liberation War of 1971, remained uncared for decades in Sylhet division.
Many conscious people of Sylhet, however, have expressed their regret for not preserving those mass-graves in a proper way which, they termed as 'only an irony with the soul of those great heroes' who laid down their lives in the liberation war to free their motherland from the Pakistani occupiers. During the war many of freedom fighters were killed by the marauding Pakistani army and their bodies were buried under rubble or just dumped under soil in various places of the city. Many of those martyred were not identified yet. In Sylhet division there are a large number of mass graves. But only a small number of those mass graves were identified by the concerned authority. Even, those were identified; the authority concern did not take any pragmatic step yet to protect the memory of those real heroes, complained many freedom fighters in condition of anonymity.
It is learnt, in many places theses mass graves were occupied by local influentials and other graves were lying in a abandoned condition, various sources informed the Bangladesh Post. According to a top ranking official of Sylhet Mukthijodda Unit Command, a total of 44 mass graves in Sylhet division have so far been identified.   But the actual number of mass graves would surpass the number.
Shadin Sundari,the only daughter of  martyred Jamal Uddin(killed by Pakistani army during the liberation war) informed,  my father was killed by the Pakistani army during the liberation war at the Boyragibar Themuki point. But till now the government has not taken any step to build a monument by the name my father or take any measure to protect his grave. She urged the concerned authority to protect all mass graves in country to remember the supreme sacrifice of the brave sons of the country who fought and died to liberate our nation.