Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Sohani Israt wants to be an actress

Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Popular film actress Jaya Ahsan is favourite actress of promising actress Sohani Israt. Jaya is her idol in acting. So, she wants to establish herself as an actress. Hailed from Boira of Bagerhat, Sohani Israt started her acting career through acting with Farhana Mili and Shamol Mawla in a drama titled Bhoy in 2016. Ahmed Zihad made the play. Later she was seen at Salauddin Lavlu’s drama serial Maya Masnad. Then she did not seen acting in any other TV serial.
Sohani Israt also performed as a model in several numbers of good music videos. She performed as model in songs of Kona, Belal Khan, Akash Sen, Sabbir, among others. But she created hype among the viewers’ attention to perform as model in Sabbir’s song titled Tomar Hobo Boley. Shamol Mawla was her co-performer in the song. She got appreciation for acting in Imraul Rafat, Mabrur Rashid Bannah, Topu Khan, Fazlul Selim, among other directors’ works in different times.
While talking about her career Sohani Israt told this correspondent, “In fact, I want to establish myself as an actress as viewers can memorise me only for acting. Few days ago, I passed HSC. I have lot of time to explore myself in media. I want to make the time by own way. For this reason, there is necessity of everybody’s co-operation.”
Sohani Israt also informed that she will compete in this year’s Miss World contest. She wants to present her country to all. Her birthday is November 15. She is third among three brothers and one sister. But she has intention to do something in study.