Thursday, September 12, 2019

Phulbari farmers hoping better profits from early brinjal

BSS, Rangpur :
Like in many other char areas of Rangpur agriculture region, local farmers are hoping for better profits from cultivation of early varieties of brinjal on char lands in Phulbari upazila of Kurigram during this Kharip-2 season.
Getting repeated bumper output with lucrative price during post floods periods in recent years, char people have cultivated early varieties of brinjal on over 100 hectares of land in the upazila alone.
Officials at Phulbari upazila agriculture office of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) said farmers of the upazila generally reap better profits through cultivation of Rabi crops during the winter seasons.
However, cultivation of early varieties of brinjal has become popular on char lands during the Kharip-2 seasons in the upazila to bring more profits to farmers before commencement of the Rabi season from late October.
"The local farmers are cultivating early varieties of brinjal on own char lands and char lands of others as sharecroppers to reap huge profits," said Upazila Agriculture Officer Agriculturist Md. Mahbubur Rashid.
The DAE is providing training, assistance and latest technologies to local farmers to inspire them in cultivating early varieties of vegetables, especially brinjal, on char lands after floods.
As a result, farmers of the upazila are expanding brinjal farming on vast tracts of the char lands during the Kharip-2 season after floods on the riverine areas in recent years.
"After recession of floodwater, sandy soil in char areas becomes more fertile with deposition of alluvial soil making those suitable for cultivating brinjal and other vegetables," Rashid added.
The farmers have planted brinjal saplings on 100 hectares of char lands in the upazila where tender brinjal plants are growing superbly now at the flowering stage and farmers will start harvesting the crop soon to reap better profits.
Talking to the national news agency, char farmers of the upazila said they are hoping to harvest early varieties of brinjal from September 22 next to get better profits and improve livelihoods and living standard.