Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Happy birthday to ATM, Poppy

Entertainment Report :
Ekushey Award winner noted actor, story-writer and film director ATM Shamsuzzaman returned to his residence last week after taking treatment in two separate hospitals for last four months. His wife Runee Zaman told this correspondent ATM is now well. Popular film actresses Poppy went to hospital to see ailing ATM for several times. Recently she went to his residence because Poppy calls him Baba (father). ATM also loves her like daughter. Today is the birthday of both ATM Shamsuzzaman and Poppy.
While talking about birthday ATM Shamsuzzaman said, “For Allah’s blessings, I have returned to my home. I am grateful to all. I am also grateful to our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Today is also birthday of Poppy. She is like my daughter. I love her so much. Her one thing I like most that is Poppy is so much choosy to work in movie. If she gets any offer she doesn’t agree to work. I have a lot of pray for her. Due to Holy Ashura, I have no special plan to celebrate my birthday today.”   
With ATM Shamsuzzaman Poppy first acted in late Dilip Shome’s movie titled Tomar Jonno Pagol. Later they worked together for several times in the big screen.
Poppy shared her feelings by this way, “I have a huge respect for ATM Shamsuzzaman. He is like my father. I got many things from him which is really great achievement in my life. I will celebrate my birthday along with my family today.”