Monday, September 9, 2019

Lime cultivation creating new hope among growers

Gopalganj CorrespondentĀ  :
Lime (Jambura) cultivation is creating a new hope among the growers of Gopalganj Sadar & Kasiani Upazila in the district. As the growers are benefiting greatly from its produce, growers said.
Tipu Sheikh (60), a farmer of village Chapail under Gopalganj Sadar Upazila said he cultivating lime on 15 decimal of land near his residence & yearly he earning minimum taka 70,000 to 75,000 produce from his 21 lime trees and there is no need additional money for its production. A lime tree give fruits after five years from it planting and yearly a tree given above 200 limes which market price taka 4,000/- one pitch of lime is being selling at taka 20 to taka 25 minimum. Tipu said, if any how take it commercially farming then he gate mare profit comparatively any others crops because its investment is small and return is big, he said.
According to Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Gopalganj official sources said, a total of 53 hectares of land have been brought under lime (jambura) cultivation and production target 285 metric tonnes (MT) in the district this year. Of them 11 hectares in Sadar Upazila & 15 hectares in Kasiani Upazila in the district sources said.
Tarapada Biswas (45), a farmer of village Gikabari under Kasiani Upazila in Gopalganj district told The New Nation he cultivating lime on 33 decimal of land where 54 lime trees establishing on the land last 5 years back and I have start harvesting from last year and I got taka 1,45,000 as a profit from my lime produce. But I hope this year I will got more profit about taka 2 lac from it produce, Tarapada said because this year its growth condition is satisfactory, he added.