Monday, August 26, 2019

Education and Morality

Gazi Md. Abdur Rashid :
Education improves human quality and helps to make everyone a better human being in this world. It is a process of rediscovering oneself and contributes to bring peace and harmony in the society and is a lifelong process which brings change of behavior in a desired way. Education is the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior), the process or art of imparting knowledge, skill, judgment, beliefs, values, habits, promoting brotherhood, fraternity, liberty and establishes justice. Education teaches a person to be a good citizen and teaches humanity. Moreover, the true educated person knows to treat everyone in the same manner despite of their religion, caste and culture.
Real education makes the person wise and enables him/her to take 'wise' decisions for the society in general and humanity in particular. Some special features of education: Education is the process of guiding others towards the path of success, acting courteous and well-mannered, respecting others equally without any difference, being practical and steady, when there's a problem, helping the needy people, sharing the knowledge anyone possess, learning from experiences and mistakes, quest for knowing new things, the desire to enhance one's skills.
Morality is the human attempt to define what is right and wrong about our actions and thoughts, and what is good and bad about our being who we are. The word carries the concepts of: (1) moral standards, with regard to behaviour; (2) moral responsibility, referring to our conscience; and (3) a moral identity, or one who is capable of right or wrong action. Common synonyms include ethics, principles, virtue, and goodness.
Moral values have to be taught to the students by an education at educational institutions  and also at their house. Teachers, parents and also the students have to work together to create a caring relationship between them. There are several strategies to teach moral values to the students, such as Character Building program which the activities arranged to increase the students' emotional quotient, Caring School Community which the activities arranged to create a caring relationship between teachers-students and Integrative Ethical Education model which is for moral character development: supportive climate, ethical skills, apprenticeship instruction, self-regulation and adopting a developmental system approach.
Some significant features of  morality: Moral quality or character; rightness or wrongness, as of an action, the character of being in accord with the principles or standards of right conduct, ethics, moral instruction or a moral lesson, recognition of the distinction between good and evil or between right and wrong; respect for and obedience to the rules of right conduct; the mental disposition or characteristic of behaving in a manner intended to produce morally good results, a set of social rules, customs, traditions, beliefs, or practices which specify proper, acceptable forms of conduct, a set of personal guiding principles for conduct or a general notion of how to behave, a lesson or pronouncement which contains advice about proper behavior and moral philosophy, the branch of philosophy which studies the grounds and nature of rightness, wrongness, good, and evil, the degree to which something is obvious and acceptable. Morality refers to a code of conduct that would be accepted by anyone who meets certain intellectual and volitional conditions, almost always including the condition of being rational and justice.
If we're honest by dint of proper education in all that we do and say, it means we are genuine, real and true whereas dishonesty symbolizes all that is fake, fictitious and unreal. Living your life morality means that you've decided to live openly and to show your true self to others and that you can be relied upon to be genuine. Morality produce trust - trust in ourselves and in all those around us. Trust in turn produces confidence which we all need to conquer life's problems and which also encourages us to take risks in order to fulfil our goals and desired destination.
Education is one of the most important basic aspects for the moral character of any person. It is through education that people learn to be honest, sincere and modest. By being enlightened in the light of education, people are motivated to deal the most amicable and elegant behaviour with everyone. The moral character of those who have proper education is very gentle and admirable. That is why; education in every country is a very effective tool for building the moral character of the people. The more we enlighten our mind with the shining light of education, the more we will be the humble, polite and honest personality in our society.

(Gazi Md. Abdur Rashid, Research Officer, District Education Office, Secondary and Higher Education, Munshiganj, Bangladesh)