Monday, August 19, 2019

Dengue patients decreasing at Barishal SBMCH

Barishal Correspondent :
Number of dengue infected patients  has been deceasing and as well as number of releasing dengue infected patients is increasing at Barishal Sher -E -Bangla Medical College Hospital.
After Eid- ul -Azha no death of dengue infected patients reported in this hospital.
According to Dr. Bakir Hossain, Director , SBMCH, said, in last 24 hours till August 17 Saturday noon, 61 dengue infected patients including 37 male, 15 female and 9 children admitted in this hospital.
Now 260 including 146 male, 56 female and 58 children infected with dengue virus were under treatment at SBMCH.
Within this period 59 dengue infected patients including 36 male, 11 female and 12 children left the hospital after receiving treatment.
The day before Eid- ul- Azha on Sunday 106 dengue infected patients released from SBMCH within last 24-hours.
The number admission of dengue infected patients in last 24 hours was 50 and released was 91 on Friday, 67 admitted and 114 released after getting treatment on Thursday.
Before Eid number of admission of dengue infected patients were average 80 in 24 hours.
According to the SBMCH admission register,  346 dengue infected patients were under treatment in this hospital on August 14 and that number decreased to 299 on August 15 and 258 on August 16.
Doctors were available at the hospital and prescriptions were updated, but most of the prescribed medicines have to be purchased from outside the hospital, told Rehana Begum, one attendant of a dengue infected patient.
Mentionable that  from July 16 to August 17 noon total 1172 dengue infected patients were admitted in SBMCH, 912 released after giving treatment and only 4 died, hospital sources said .