Thursday, August 15, 2019

Sanchez's loan to Roma may cost Manchester United £8.6m in wages

It's difficult to recall a high-profile transfer going as wrong as Alexis Sanchez's switch to Manchester United.
The Chilean joined from Arsenal as part of a swap deal with Henrikh Mkhitaryan that looked like a decent bit of business for the Red Devils at the time.
Sanchez's weekly wages were then reported at £350,000, which has turned out to be well short of his actual earnings.
The 30-year-old is now believed to take home a staggering £505,000-per-week, meaning United have forked out £41 million since his arrival in January 2018.
That equates to roughly £8.2 million for each of the five goals Sanchez has netted throughout his 18 months at Old Trafford.
Such a disastrous spell has crippled the world-class reputation he established at Barcelona and Arsenal, to the extent where United are willing to pay to see the back of him.