Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Shimu, Emon’s Eid telefilm Balish Bilas

Entertainment Report :
Viewers’ choice popular actress of the small screen Sumaiya Shimu and popular film actor Emon have paired up for an Eid special telefilm titled Balish Bilas. The telefilm is written and directed by Ferdous Hasan. Shooting of the romantic story based telefilm Balish Bilas has already been done recently. Main story is based on a family and society-oriented story where Dilara Zaman and Abul Hayat have played two important roles in the telefilm.
While talking about acting in the telefilm Shimu told this correspondent, “I have acted in numerous telefilms under the direction of Ferdous Hasan. I like his writing so much. Specially the dialogue written by him is outstanding. Each scene from his drama tells a story. Above all, the viewers can relate them with the story and dialogue of his drama as well as they find foods for thoughts.”
Emon shared his feelings by this way, “I earlier acted in Ferdous Hasan-directed dramas with Sumaiya Shimu. I share a wonderful understanding with her. On the other hand, Ferdous Hasan is a renowned playwright and director who make dramas with enormous care.”
Director Ferdous Hasan informed that Balish Bilas will be aired on Channel i during the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha.