Sunday, July 21, 2019

Pass rate decreases, GPA-5 increases in Cox's Bazar

Cox'sBazar Correspondent :
In  Cox's Bazar district, the results of the HSC examination has improved   compared to the previous year.
 The number of GPA-5 has increased this year . However, the pass rate in the HSC is 54.33 percent which is 7.77 percent less than last time.  Some 56 students have got GPA-5. The overall pass rate in HSC and equivalent examinations across the country is 73.93 percent.  In 2011, 6,427 students  in Cox's Bazar. The pass rate was 61.66 percent. 38 people got GPA-5. But this year the GPA-5 has increased, Board sources said.
According to the available information, the number of total examinations in Cox's Bazar district was 10 thousand 698 in HSC examination in 2019.
 In this year , 10 thousand 620 students  participated in the examination and
  5 thousand 776 students  passed. The pass rate is 54.39 percent.
Some 56 people got GPA-5 in which  27 are  boys and 29 are  girls. More GPA-5 in the district got 51 government colleges in Cox's Bazar. In this year, 14,250 students from the Science Department took part in the examinations and 14,35 students participated in the examination. Where has passed 1 thousand 97 people The pass rate was 76.45 percent. In the last year, the total passed from the science department was 897 and the pass rate was 70.97%. 24 people got GPA-5.
6 thousand 86 students took part in the examinations this year from the Department of Commerce. Where has passed 2 thousand 796 people Next rate is 45.94 percent. In the last year 3 thousand 89 students passed 1 thousand 9 20 Pass rate was 62.16 percent. 11 people got GPA-5.
 3 thousand 99 students from the Humanities Department this year took part in the examination. Where has passed 1 thousand 883 The pass rate is 60.76 percent. In the last year, 4 thousand 772 people passed between 2 thousand 215 and the remaining rate was 46.42 percent. Only two people got GPA-5.
This year, the overall results of most colleges in the district are poor, but the success  rate of this year has been increased  in Cox's Bazar Government University College. Principal of Cox's Bazar Government College, AKM Fazlul Karim Chowdhury said,  999 students passed this year with 940 and the pass rate was 94.09 percent. 51 people got GPA-5.  Of these, 39 people in Science Group , 6 in business education and 6 have got GPA-5. Of the GPA recipients, 24 boys and 27 girls.He further said, 390 candidates passed the 404 examinations in science department. The pass rate is 96.53 percent. 39 people got GPA-5.
In the Department of Commerce, 314 candidates passed in 324 examinations. The pass rate is 96.91 percent. 6 people got GPA-5
And in the human section, 271 candidates passed out in 236 students. The pass rate is 87.08 percent. 6 people got GPA-5.