Sunday, July 21, 2019

Traffic congestion in Chattogram, not for Port cause : Chairman

Chattogram   Bureau :
Chairman  of Chatto gram  Port Authority Rear Admiral Zulfikar Aziz said the recent traffic congestion in port connecting road, Barik  Building to Fakirhat  and cement crossing in Airport Road  were not for the cause of Chattogram Port  rather  water-logging, renovations of PC road, and constructions  of elevated expressway  near cement crossing and CWASA pipeline installations .
 Due to these   ongoing  development works of the airport road, PC road, the breadth of the existing roads  squizzed to greater extend which  hampering the  free traffic movement in these important roads, CP  chairman added.
Port chairman disclosed it to the journalists while exchanging views  at Bandar Bhaban conference hall yesterday morning. Chairman further said following the 12 days incessant rain in the city, waterlogging  arised in different parts of the city and the lowlying areas inundated  and during these period, port areas and airport road  badly affected  and easy traffic movement hampered a lot.
Another reason of congestions  ascertained  due to    alternative road for   port bound  movement of covered van, trailor, heavy trucks etc  .Port chairman said  upto 6 May  after cyclone Fanee about 5,600 TEUS containers were  delivered and  upto 12 July from Ramadan month 4,800 TEUs containers delivered but these peak period  there was no congestions  in port areas.
He also said everyday about 7000 trucks, trailers, covered vans  enter in port yard. As per directives of ISPS, all drivers, helpers, assistants of transports are being enlisted with database  and  so far 33      thousand such drivers and helpers enlisted their names in database entry.
Besides,  the drivers   and  helpers of 17 Off  Docks are enlisted for entry in port round the clock. He also s aid lack of truck terminal, about 5 thousand transport vehicles had to wait in front of different port gate and main gate every day and after checking of national ID, driving licence with database, these transports permitted to enter  in port which may take some times. Port chairman emphasized the need of  joint  work to mitigate the present prevailing congestions. He s aid to ease the  traffic congestion out of port area,  there is need of two ring road   i.e one from Agrabad to Anandabazar through access road, Barapol and  second one from GEC circle to Sagarika road. After implementing these two roads, traffic congestion  in Airport road, Agrabad, Lalkhan Bazar  areas will be eased to the maximum extents.
Among others Member(Admn) Jafar Alam, Member(Marine) , Director (Security), Secretary were present on the occasion.
On the other hand,  Chattogram Chamber of Commerce & Industry President at a views exchanging meeting recently  demanded to save the economic lifeline famous Chattogram Bandar from the curse of traffic congestions. He demanded an alternative road towards Airport during the construction period  of Elevated expressway  from Lalkhan Bazar to Airport.