Friday, July 19, 2019

GM Quader made Jatiya Party Chairman

Staff Reporter :
GM Quader has been officially appointed  Chairman of Jatiya Party (JaPa), following the death of his elder brother and former President Hussain Muhammad Ershad.
"H M Ershad appointed GM Quader Acting Chairman of the party before death," party Secretary General Mashiur Rahman Ranga said to the media on Thursday.
He said that in accordance with the party charter 'the Acting Chairman will become the party chief if the chairman dies.
GM Quader, who was also present at the media
call, said that the party was united and would now focus on being more active in its political activities.
"The party will elect a leader of Opposition in the Parliament and inform tit to he Speaker," he said adding that the candidate for Ershad's Rangpur-3 Constituency will be selected as per party constitution.
Ershad breathed his last at the Combined Military Hospital in Dhaka on Sunday (Jul 14) after remaining on life support for 10 days.
He had been suffering from myelodysplastic syndrome or a low-level of hemoglobin in his blood for a long time.
He has been laid to rest at 'Polli Nibash,' his Rangpur residence with the consent of  the party leaders.