Friday, July 19, 2019

Mowtushi sings in Farid Ahmed’s tune for first time

Entertainment Report :
Singer with melodious voice Mowtushi for the first time rendered a song under noted music composer Farid Ahmed’s tune. Mowtushi is excited in this regard. She gave her vocal for two songs - one is patriotic song titled Swadhinata and another is a modern song titled Obhiman. Farid Ahmed informed that recording of the songs have been completed.
The lyrics of the song Swadhinata was written by Ayet Hossain while Munshi Wadud wrote lyrics of other song.
While talking about Mowtushi’s rendering style Farid Ahmed told this correspondent, “As a singer, Mowtushi’s devotion to music for long time. She is really a good singer. She renders song attentively. She has rendered my composed two songs attentively. I am really impressed for her rendering style in these two songs. I believe listeners will find new Mowtushi in these songs. It is really painful that singer likes Mowtushi gets less focus. But this should not be happened to her. These two songs will be released on my YouTube channel, Farid Ahmed.”
Mowtushi shared her feelings by this way, “Though Farid Bhai was known to me for long time but I could not get the opportunity to work with him. I had intention to work with him like senior musician. In fact, to work with him application of lyrics and rhythm are to be known properly. I have learned many things to work with him. His composed patriotic song became a universal song as I believe. I am really happy to work with him.”