Friday, July 19, 2019

Poppy supports Bobita’s remark

Entertainment Report :
Nick name of internationally acclaimed film actress Bobita is Poppy. Due to acting in the big screen Bobita had to sacrifice her name Poppy. On the other hand, after starting acting in movies Poppy could keep her original name. Poppy sometimes feels pleasure when she recalls the original name of Bobita.
Bobita is also favourite actress to Poppy. According to Poppy, Bobita is a fashionable film actress of our country. She was also fan of Bobita’s fashions. Poppy not only respects Bobita but also supports her remarks.
Regarding Bobita’s remarks which she mentioned few days ago in an interview Poppy told this correspondent, “Many legendary and senior actresses like Sujata Madam, Shabnam Madam, Kobori Madam, Bobita Madam, Suchorita Madam are unwillingly absent from our film industry for many days. If the directors and producers want they can cast them in their works. It is true that it is really difficult for us to make big-budget movies like India. But if the directors and producers want they can extend the stories of their movies to create opportunity to cast these senior actresses in movies. In fact, their willingness is all.”