Friday, July 19, 2019

The woman

-Tahmina Begum
 What instance is there on earth man
                                      other than woman?
Where can you live without woman?
Say mother or sister or daughter
                                          or spouse,
How can you expect love without her in your house?
That who gives you company in sorrow
and happiness for lives together;
How can you deprive her
                                 this way or that way
                                  today or tomorrow?
The woman bears the burden of sorrow and pain
         and sufferings for time and again
yet why do you put her in trouble  in all?
She gives birth to all of us and
We enjoy light of this earth
and sip milk of her breasts since birth
              and dream most on her bosom.
Thus with rice and milk she brings us up being mom!
                                             So is the great mother!
Then what makes us to disgrace her?
                                 rather we must pay her honor
as the conscious children everywhere.

Pay respect to the mother, the sister, and the spouse
                                         to make heaven our house.
Since birth of the daughter, its grace of Great Allah!
And she comes among us with all graces by Him, Ah!
So I call upon all of you
to pay honor that’s her due.
                               Translation: M Mizanur Rahman