Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Boris Johnson breaks cover in UK leadership race

AFP  :
Boris Johnson broke cover Tuesday after accusations of ducking scrutiny in his bid to become Britain's next prime minister, defending his Brexit strategy but saying it would be "unfair" to discuss his private life.
The frontrunner to replace Prime Minister Theresa May gave a series of broadcast interviews and arranged several
campaign events, after his rival Jeremy Hunt had urged him not to be a "coward" by shunning media appearances.
It came as the ruling Conservatives set the date to announce the winner of the race to become party leader-and therefore premier-as July 23.
Just 160,000 party members will decide between current foreign minister Hunt and his predecessor Johnson in the ballot, which was triggered by May's resignation earlier this month as her bid to steer Britain out of the European Union collapsed. Johnson is known for his big personality but has been keeping a low profile during the campaign, in what appears to be a bid by his team to stop him from making any major gaffes.
But since a story broke last week about a noisy row with his girlfriend that prompted a police visit, but no further action, he has come under increasing pressure to break his silence.