Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Panel discussion on 'Cyberbullying' at ISD

Campus Report :
'Cyberbullying' is a serious issue and to raise more awareness about it, International School Dhaka (ISD) has organized a Panel Discussion in their auditorium on Saturday.
Doobie Whitecombe, ISD's Behavioural Counsellor led the Panel Discussion and addressed various issues of cyberbullying, such as steps a school can take to make students feel safe about cyberbullying, perception of children who are bullied, steps parents can take to stop bullying, ways to prevent bullying, online etiquette and more.
Lisa Reid, ISD's School Counsellor, Ildiko Murray, ISD's Secondary School Principal, Zimraan Rahman, a student of Grade 8 and a parent of an ISD student took an active part in the discussion as panelists. Other students also joined the discussion to voice their opinion about the issues addressed. Additionally, students were also encouraged to discuss in detail their thoughts, experiences and the steps they should take to ensure their own safety. Further discussions took place regarding the terms of dos and don'ts for preventing cyberbullying.
Secondary School Principal Ildiko Murray added, "Modern tools such as the Internet and social media can aid students in conducting research and getting homework tutoring; but they have also opened another platform for bullies. Because cyberbullying takes place online, it poses special problems for schools and bullying victims, who can be taunted anytime and anywhere. According to UNICEF, 32% of children in Bangladesh are vulnerable to online violence, cyberbullying, and digital harassment. Considering this, we are raising the issue among our students and trying to make our school a safer place for the children."