Tuesday, June 25, 2019

British Council holds IGSA Forum in Rangpur

Campus Report :

With a shared agenda ofestablishing inclusive governance in between the Bangladesh government andcivil society organisations, a good-governance event was held in Rangpur onThursday.

The "Inclusive Governance and Social Accountability(IGSA) Forum" was organised by Platforms for Dialogue, a European Unionand Govt of Bangladesh funded project in partnership with the Cabinet Divisionand is being implemented through the British Council Bangladesh.

Insisting on the importance ofaccountability across institutions, Md. NM Zeaul Alam, the Secretary, ICTDivision of the Government of Bangladesh and the Chief Guest of the event said,"Without accountability, democracy can't comprehensively be functional."

Sultan Ahmed, additionalSecretary, Cabinet Division and Project Director of P4D, urged the governmentofficials to be more aware of accomplishing good governance along with ensuringsocial responsibilities.

“Without people’s participationand inclusive governance, democracy would become meaningless,” he opined

He also forewarns the governmentofficials by uttering that establishing good governance is very much criticalin a country like Bangladesh.

Emphasising good governance, K.M. Tariqul Islam, Commissioner, Rangpur Division said, "People are theowner of the state so their participation in the process of good governance anddevelopment is very important".  

The one-day IGSA Forum was amixed methodology of plenary sessions, seminars, workshops and presentations.These sessions concentrated on the needs of national and regional civilservants overseeing citizen engagement and quality of service provision, with aparticular focus on the effective implementation of Citizens' Charters and theGrievance Redress System.

P4D is a three-year project thatsupports the promotion of inclusive governance at local and national levels.P4D emphasises mutual responsibilities to foster a more collaborativerelationship between government and civil society. A major aim of Platforms forDialogue is to promote a widespread application of social accountability tools.Part of P4D's mission is to support government institutions to deliver onambitions set out in the 7th Five-Year-Plan and policies centred on theNational Integrity Strategy, the Right to Information Act, Citizens' Chartersand the Grievance Redress System.

As part of P4D's intervention in21 districts, CSOs and representatives of local government are receivingtraining that will inspire effective engagement and dialogue on local policyissues. The project is now developing new tools and policy platforms, both atthe regional and national level, for effective and transparent government-civilsociety engagement on policy matters.