Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Soundarya Sharma yet again strikes a humanitarian chord

It was just recently when she instead of attending an event chose to help an injured cyclist.
Now we just learned that Actor Soundarya Sharma is sponsoring health care for an elderly couple for a year, she came across an article about how elderly are lacking proper health care, as they cannot afford high insurance premiums. Hence she decided that she should do her bit and she not only paid for their insurance premium but got it enhanced to cover general medication also.
She did quote that `we all tend to neglect and forget our elders and we should all try not to forget it's our future too, one day! I do believe we are at a reverend position and the ability to give, that's what my parents have not only preached but ensured it's practiced`. She also hopes that our government does something to ensure elderly healthcare is subsidized including the high insurance premiums are lowered/capped.