Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Chaity makes emotive the viewers again

Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Around 25 years ago, Monir Khan Shimul and Lamia Tabassum Chaity performed together as models in a TV commercial of Berger Paints. After 25 years, they again created hype among the viewers at home and abroad to perform in a sequel of that TVC. Specially returning of Chaity in media after 19 years made the joyful moment for the viewers. Many viewers found their memorable days while watching this TVC sequel.
Chaity is getting appreciation from them after telecasting the TVC. She is also getting positive response in social communication sites.
After delivering the dialogue by Shimul in the TVC titled Tomar kajol kintu ekhono kaloi bhalo viewers find their old days’ memories with enjoying Chaity’s expression. New generation is also impressed to watch this TVC.
In fact, many years ago, many good TVCs were made in the country. Afzal Hossain made the first TVC of Berger Paints. But 25 years ago, Shimul and Chaity performed in that TVC of Berger Paints which was made by a TVC-maker of Kolkata. Adnan Al Rajib made sequel of the TVC after 25 years.  
While talking about working in sequel TVC and getting positive response from it Chaity told this correspondent, “Right now this TVC is being treated as a historic TVC in TVC arena of our country. After 25 years sequel of a TVC has made in the country. I am grateful advertisement agency Unitrend, everybody related to Berger to come back me in the TVC. I give also thanks to director Adnan Al Rajib. In fact, right now I am getting inspiration to work in TVC.”