Thursday, June 13, 2019

Authenticity of nine invoices disappearing without depositing revenue found

Nazrul Islam, Chattogram Bureau :
Custom House officials found initial authenticity of nine invoices disappearing without depositing revenue in government treasury at Shah Amanat International Airport.
Waterways Shipping Limited, a C & F company, was in charge of acquiring the shipment. In December 2012, the invoices are redeemed, but customs officers are noticed it at least five months later. In May last, the matter was examined in verbal directions of Chittagong Custom House's senior authority.
All information related to the import and export of the country is reserved in the Asikauda World software of the National Board of Revenue, but there is no information on the nine invoices discussed. It is assumed that the collective cycle has not only spared the revenue of the government, but the customs authorities have kept them in the dark about what goods came at the time.
Noor Uddin Milon ,Deputy Customs Commissioner of Airport Customs submitted the internal investigation report of 9 vessels on 9th May last. He urged the law enforcement authorities to take out the goods from the cargo haul through fraud.
If you want to know about this. Nur Uddin Milon told New NationĀ  that we have initially made internal inquiry into 9 shipments. It can not be called a complete investigation report. In this case, we have not seen the assessment of these shipment. It is obvious that the revenue was not deposited with the bank. But it is true that there is no product against these shipment.
On condition of anonymity, a Customs official told The New Nation that it is important to identify who is involved in acquiring the goods by showing the old age of taxation and the lawful attitude of the government in such a critical place at the airport.
It may be that the C & F agents, customs officials and employees, civil aviation affiliates and related firms are involved. It involves many things, not just revenue, image, national security and many things.
Chittagong Custom House Commissioner Mohammad Fakhrul Islam told TheĀ  New Nation , "First of all, I have taken zero tolerance policy regarding any act beyond law and rules."
We will take strict measures. After the joining, I informed the officials of the Custom House and the C & F Agent Association leaders in a rousing meeting.
He said that if the goods were not redeemed in a legal way, it would be normal to believe that the security of the country was a risky and illegal product. In view of the verdicts of the previous commissioner, the revenue officials of the custom house and deputy commissioner of the Customs have examined the 9 shipments illegally released by Chittagong Shah Amanat Airport. Submitted that report. According to the instructions of the National Board of Revenue, necessary legal action will be taken in this regard along with further investigation he added.