Thursday, June 13, 2019

Record quantity of goods imported from India thru' Benapole Port

Benapole, Correspondent :
Record quantity of goods imported from india in the last three days through Benapole  Port . The Import of the goods is double to last year Custom sources said.
Benapole Customs Authority introduction of new guidelines  to increased the revenue collections and Import trade.
Benapole customs commissioner Mohammad Belal Hossain Chowdhury issued the directive, The whole customs and port operations were changed after the directive.
Customs officials are performing duties from 7am to 12 pm in advance, keeping the slogan on day-to-day revenue. India-Bangladesh customs officials are deeply monitoring activities to make import trade more dynamic.
High-level officials and businessmen including Indian High Commissioner Riva Ganguli, visited the import and export trade facility on Benapole and Petrapole port on Saturday.
The manpower has been enhanced to speed up the Import trade and revenue collection.
Every Customs Officer in the current month is required to complete the Goods examination and taxation process in phases who is the honest importer and the manufacturer , have no complaint against them, and their products are quickly scanned and have been given permission to remove truck-to-trucks delivery.
Mamunur Rahman, Deputy Director of Benapole Port Authority , said that the import trade increased through  Benapole port in the last 3 days due to the introduction of new guidelines from custom authority.
354 trucks were imported on Sunday, 445 trucks on Monday and 382 truckloads of goods till Tuesday noon. At the same time last year, the amount was 250 to 270 trucks.
Benapole Sonali Bank Manager Rakibul Alam said the revenue collection was 11 crore, on Sunday, 12 crore on Monday and on 8 crore on half day on Tuesday.
In the current fiscal year, the revenue collection of Benapole custom house Tk 5,185 crore.  Growth of revenue increased gradually the Revenue targets could reach the revenue collection in June. Benapole's business associations complained that all types of goods allowed in Bhomra port .  So commercial importers imported goods through Bhomra port.
Benapole C & F Agents' Association president Mafizur Rahman Sajon said that the goods Import  through Benapole port has increased due to the introduction of new guidelines from customs authority.
In order to fulfill the revenue collection, customs authorities can fulfill the target of revenues in the current fiscal year.
Benapole Port Director Pradosh Kanti Das said, "We are working according to customs new guidelines. We want to enter 800 trucks of imported goods every day. But India is failing to provide trucks in our demand. No traffic congestion in the port area due to the introduction of several items through the bypass road.
Benapole customs commissioner Mohammad Belal Hossain Chowdhury said, several instances have been accepted to speed up the import trade and revenue collection. As a result, import and revenue collection has  increased. If this continuation persists, it is expected that revenue target will be fulfil in this month.