Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Methila receives `Star of Asia` in Asia Model Festival

Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
With the participation of models from 25 countries of the Asia continent ‘Asia Model Festival 2019’ was held on June 10 in Seoul, Korea. From Bangladesh celebrity model Tanjia Zaman Methila took part in the festival. She won the ‘Star of Asia’ award in the festival. Methila received the award from the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of ‘Asia Model Festival 2019’ Yang Eui-Sig. She is expected to return country today.
Before leaving Korea after winning the award Methila told this correspondent over mobile phone, “I really feel proud to get the honour. I am really glad and excited to represent myself among the models of Asian 25 countries in the festival. This recognition is not only for me but also for my country. Everybody pray for me.”
Methila started her career as a model six years ago. During that time she took part in Dhaka Fashion Week. Later, she also took part in many grand shows like Bangladesh Fashion Week, Rina Latif, Denim Expo, 40 years celebration of Aarong, etc. She also performed as a model in TVC of GrameenPhone under Piplu’s direction. Then she performed as model in TVCs of Centre Fruit and Adnan directed an ice-cream.
Under Tanim Rahman Angshu’s direction Methila first acted against Siam in drama Familiar Enemy. Under same director’s direction, she also acted in dramas Kopa Samsu, Air-bender. Hailed from Magura, Methila’s main aim is to work in big screen. She is the youngest among six siblings, she added.