Monday, May 20, 2019

Consumption of small fish increases in Feni

Siba Brata, Parshuram(Feni) :
Consumption of small fish marked significant increase in recent years to meet nourishment of malnourished people, especially pregnant women and lactating mothers, in the district. Parshuram Upazila Fisheries Officer Turjo Saha said,  cultivation of micro-nutrient enriched small fishes in small ponds, canals, wetlands and crop fields has already become a profitable venture for farmers to increase production.
"As a result of enhance in production of small fishes, rural people are also achieving self-reliance side by side with increasing consumption of the same by common people to overcome malnutrition," he said. Fisheries Survey Officer at Feni District Fisheries Office Rezaul Kabir said farmers produced 40,720 tonnes of fishes during 2017-2018 fiscal in the district, higher by 5,643 tonnes against production of 35,077 tonnes of fishes during the previous 2017-2018 fiscal.
"Around 20 percent of the total produced fishes in the district are local species of small and micronutrient rich fishes like "Mola", "Darkina", and "Dhela"," Kabir said adding that production of these fishes was increasing every year. Kabir also narrated enormous prospect for further enhancing cultivation of micro-nutrient rich small fishes in the small ponds, canals, wetlands, fish sanctuaries and crop fields in rural areas. Talking to repoter,  Parshuram Medical Hospital RMO Dr Indrojit Gosh Konak said regular intake of micro- nutrient rich fishes strengthens immune systems of babies and children helping normal growth.
"The smaller "Mola", "Darkina", and "Dhela" fishes have adequate minerals and vitamins like iron and folic acid those help healthier growth of brain, nervous and immune systems and flourishing talent of babies and children." he said. Dr Indrojit Gosh Konak suggested the common people to include small fishes on their daily food menus as deficit of these micro-nutrient elements, minerals and vitamins could severely hinder normal growth of babies and children. Consultant (Gynecology and Obstetrics) of Feni Medical Hospital Dr Yeasmina said optimum intake of small fishes like "Mola". "Darkina". and "Dhela" could prevent malnutrition of women, including pregnant women and lactating mothers, and children.