Friday, May 17, 2019

Monsoon munchies: Satiate snacks craving with these easy recipes

Weekend Plus Desk :
onsoon is almost here and while sitting by the window and watching the rainfall, as the world goes by, sounds like a lovely idea, getting something to much on can make the experience even more worthwhile. It is the time to enjoy some quick snacks, along with a cup of hot tea or coffee.
In case you are wondering what to make, here are some easy recipes you can try.
Spinach and corn
sandwich recipe

4 - Slice Bread (white/brown)
2 cups - Spinach leaves, blanched
1/4 cup - Sweet corn, steamed
4 tbsp - Sandwich Spread
2 tbsp - Butter
*Wash and blanch the spinach. Cool and finely chop.
* Collect the chopped spinach in a bowl and add corn kernels, two tablespoon sandwich spread and mix well.
*Take a slice of bread, spread one tablespoon of sandwich spread all over and place spinach mix generously all over the slice.
* Take another slice and place over it. Keep aside and make another sandwich from rest of the two slices.
* Heat a grill pan or a grill sandwich maker with butter.
* Place the prepared sandwich and grill from both sides till crisp and golden in color.
* Transfer on a serving plate, cut into two diagonally and serve hot.
Scotch Eggs
8 no. - Eggs
300g - Lamb mince
1 tsp - Chopped coriander
1 tsp - Chopped parsley
Salt to taste
8o ml - Milk
50g - Flour
100g - Bread crumbs
200 ml - Oil
Black pepper to taste
*Take 8 eggs and boil them for 5 minutes. Put them in ice cold water for few minutes. Peel the eggs.
*Now, prepare the mixture for coating the eggs. Take a large bowl and mix together the minced chicken, coriander leaves, parsley and rosemary and mix well.
*Season the mixture with salt and pepper as per your taste. Knead it like dough, until everything has mixed well.
*Have three plates ready. One with handful of flour, second with beaten eggs and third with breadcrumbs.
*Roll the eggs in the flour, followed by beaten egg and bread crumbs.
*Deep fry the eggs till they become golden brown.
Steamed Corn and Greens Popiah
40g - Corn Kernels
150g - Shredded Spinach leaves
100g - Shredded Pakchoy leaves
20g - Chopped celery
2g - Black pepper
1g - Salt
2 nos - Rice paper sheet
15g - Jaggery
15ml - Lemon Juice
1g - Chopped red chili
5g - Chopped coriander root
2g - Chopped garlic
2g - Sugar
1g - Salt
40ml - Water
* Soak rice paper sheet in water for three minutes.
* Blanch corn, spinach and pakchoy for a while and drain all water.
* Mix rest of the ingredients to make a stuffing. Add the seasoning as per your taste.
* Mix all the ingredients for dressing. Make sure the jaggery is dissolved completely.
* Prepare a roll using rice paper sheet and stuffing.
* Steam the rolls for two minutes.
* Serve hot with the dressing.